“Tufts CEA Registry is always my first source to identify relevant literature. The detailed information on utility weight is extremely helpful for model building. I also highly recommend their research services that can be customized for sponsors’ need.” 
~ Danny Yeh, Senior Manager, Early Phase Health Economics and Outcomes Research at Biogen Idec
"The Tufts CEA Registry has been used in development of  early phase economic models.  It provides relevant and current references on economic models that can inform the structure of early models and evidence on which to base assumptions.  The search function to locate articles and published utility weights is very good.  I like that it is updated on a regular basis and is easy to navigate."
~Patricia Sacco, Director, Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research; Novartis

"In cases where we need inputs for an early economic model, the Tufts CEA Registry has proven to be a quick resource to extract utility weights along with links to the original reference. With a user-friendly interface and ease of navigation using the 'search' function, the CEA registry allows for quick access to information (as opposed to extensive literature searches) for data on utilities associated with a specific disease state, symptom or adverse effect."
~Rosemary Jose, Senior Health Economics & Outcomes Research Evidence Analyst; Novartis
Tufts CEA Registry is a one-stop shop for understanding published research on cost-effectiveness and its impact on decision/policy making. The user-friendly interface allows you to do quick back-of-envelopes calculations when you need to make fast business decisions; the full database allows you to get a deeper understanding of the trend in the diseases of your interest.”
~Hui Huang, Former Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research; Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
"The CEVR Sponsorship Program has been very useful for our company.  The data is informative for our product design. Dr. Neumann’s on-site workshop was a huge success in that our employees gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about cost effectiveness analysis."
~Ben-Joseph Rami, Vice President, Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics; Endo Pharmaceuticals
"The Tufts CEA Registry is an unparalleled resource for anyone seeking a high-level view of the vast body of cost-effectiveness studies published throughout the world.  Its relevance and value have continued to grow each year."
~Alan M. Garber, Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor (former); Stanford University
“I really enjoyed the day [Annual Data and Strategy meeting, provided with sponsorship], learned a lot and came away with lots of new ideas about CER and CE and how our company can do better in these important areas.  I was so impressed with CEVR and its leadership and vision regarding the databases and the ways that the data might be used to influence policy.  It was energizing to listen to data and facts as opposed to rhetoric."
~Alexandra Clyde, Vice President of Health Policy and Payment; Medtronic